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ie-points | additional opportunities for passive earnings gives investors the opportunity to make money remotely and invest at a percentage directly from their homes.

Today, during the global crisis of COVID-19, this is especially in demand. Therefore, in many countries around the globe, thousands of new investors are becoming our partners.
At such rates of development, the company's task of accessibility and informativeness becomes especially important. We daily make a lot of efforts to work with us was comfortable for every potential and acting investor.

Accrual Bank Wire USD Shares (ie-points) is designed to create additional opportunities for passive earnings. From the number of points (USD Shares) that you get by performing various actions depends on the amount of cash bonuses earned and the number and level of referrals.

ie-points are assigned:
- when accruing interest on the referral program;
- when reinvesting the amount invested in the project.

1 ie-points = $1

Earning a certain amount of ie-points, you raise your level in the system. At each new level, various bonuses await you, making it possible to earn even more.

For each person you introduce directly, you will receive 4 ie-points ($4) in your level 1 and 2 ie-points ($2) per active referral in other levels monthly.

ie-points distribution will be monthly and in irregular periods will be paid to active user every month. Receiving this bonus is tax-free and without commission and It will be implemented from this August.
Start earning ie-points today, increase your level in the system and get nice cash bonuses.
We make sure that participation in our project for investors is as attractive, profitable and comfortable as possible.

Join those who receive a steady income even in the times of global crisis.