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The dawn of a new era!

As we informed you before, a new era in investment begins today!
Our services has become more professional and from now on we welcome professional investors.

Inactivity and non-introduction of others by users is no longer acceptable to us.
With changes in the Affiliate center and the multi-level commission system, there will be no excuse for inactivity.

Inactive investors are identified by our intelligent system and after a while they will not receive any profit and the original capital will be returned to them.

So to stay in this new era of profitability, you must introduce us to others properly.

Our multi-level referral system will be as follows:

5% in level 1 (Direct)
2.5% level 2
1% level 3
0.5% level 4

Also, our fixed monthly payment commission is as follows:

$4 for every active investor in level 1
$1 for every active investor in level 2
$1 for every active investor in level 3
$1 for every active investor in level 4

The best conditions and facilities along with more than 2 years of valuable payment experience from us are at your disposal to use it to attract more users and receive more commissions.
Take advantage of our promotional videos as well.

We welcome all active and interested investors.

Good luck