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Our exclusive Trading Coin came on the scene!

In consultation with the team of financial advisors, from today, our company's dedicated Coin has been activated in the system.

For every amount of investment you have, you can get the equivalent of your capital from us Trading Coin.
Coin rewards are not automatic and may take between 1 to 5 business days, so you will have to wait a while after depositing to enjoy this great opportunity.

Dedicated coins will also be given to active users and our agents who have a good investment as a special Bonus.
Each of our coins will now be worth $0.03 USD,
and you can convert your Trading Coins to Bitcoin, Perfect Money, USD Shares and ie-points from the new Exchange section in your Withdrawal menu.

This is a big step towards honoring you dear users.

We hope we can support you as much as possible in achieving your financial goals.
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Good luck